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This full-body progressive muscle relaxation works to undo the body’s fight, flight or freeze response.

Adrenalin affects the body by creating several physical changes (such as increased heart-rate and muscle tension), and these in turn affect the type and frequency of your thoughts. You’ll find, if you’re stressed, that you tend to imagine worst-case scenarios, and think much more quickly. This influx of worry encourages the brain to release more adrenalin, as a way of preparing you for danger.

Reversing adrenalin effects, by slowing breathing naturally, and relaxing muscles, undoes that vicious cycle. By the end of this technique, you will be producing endorphins, and your body will be pleasantly relaxed. So, this technique is a helpful and easy way to unwind and reduce stress or anxiety.
Play it where you can lie down comfortably, and just follow the instructions.

Don’t play this track in the car, only where it would be safe to relax completely. You may find that you fall asleep, or enjoy deeper sleep after doing the technique. If you miss any part of it for that reason, that is fine.

It takes around 22 minutes. Enjoy!

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