I am a highly experienced and qualified counsellor, supervisor, and lecturer. My style is warm, light, and positive. Clients evaluate my work highly, and I enjoy working with them on a wide range of issues and concerns. I am a BACP accredited practitioner.

Some Reasons People Attend Counselling

You may be looking for ways to manage depression or gain relief from anxiety or panic.

There may be a dilemma in your life, a significant issue from your childhood to resolve, or some other change you hope to make in the present.

Perhaps you want to talk about your relationship, your work, or your family. You may have concerns about your partner, parent or child.

Or you could be struggling with a very difficult situation currently, or affected by the loss of someone or something dear. Sometimes other losses happen in life and you may be struggling with an illness, or a disability, or you may be caring for someone in ill health.

You may want to talk through sexuality or gender issues, or about your intimate relationships.

What Type of Counselling?

I offer integrative therapy, which means that I am trained in a variety of methods (including person centred, humanistic, CBT and psychodynamic models) and am skilled in matching that knowledge to your individual situation and goals. I take ethics and confidentiality very seriously, and offer a safe and confidential service. I am politically committed to equality, inclusivity, and diversity.

Who Do I Work With?

I see adults and groups from a wide range of backgrounds.
As a matter of social ethics, I see some clients at a rate of £30 per session, for a maximum of eight sessions. I usually ask for evidence that you are in receipt of means-tested benefit, or in some other form of economic hardship.

Please note that I do not work with couples, which is a specialised area of counselling, for which your chosen therapist should be specifically trained and supervised. Do ask your couples therapist for examples of their training and experience in that field.